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LG Eleven


Your Digital Media Specialist

LG Eleven is a boutique digital agency in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Our main offices are located in Medford and Ashland, although we currently service clients from all across the country. Specializing in digital marketing strategies, PPC, and content creation, we use a three pronged approach to help get you the results you want while presenting a professional, curated online presence.

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Social Media and Business Development

Your social media is the face of your brand. We work with you to curate your social channels and use them to communicate with your customers. We use analytics and digital tools to ensure active, quality engagement and will build custom video, photo, and digital ads to run on appropriate social channels’ utilizing analytics to ensure your ad gets in front of the right eyes.

Web Site Curation and SEO

If social media is the face of your brand, your web site is the home office. It needs to look clean and professional. We will build you a custom site, or manage your current site, and utilize current best practices in SEO and analytics to track and adjust your website and webstore as needed. By working in conjunction with our social media team, our webmasters and designers will always have your site looking fresh and up to date with high quality, originally written content.

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Google PPC and Google Ads

Now that your social channels and website are looking good, it’s time to show them off. We will write and produce digital ads using photography, video and audio ads . By using Google digital ads, and digital ads on other appropriate digital platforms; we will lead people in your target market back to your website or webstore.